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Place Report development2016-09-27

Place.Report development

1. Website statement:
1. Place.Report is a Google Map API application which helps Sales to identify possible local customers.
2. Place.Report was an idea came out while developing the streetview.cc website, both websites apply the same algorithm but pick up different target audiences.

2. Release Note
First released on 9/27, 2016 v2.0 (from streetview v1.3)
a. Functions:
[Public] Target Area Search, Store Search, Place.Report
[Priviate] MyPlaces, Place.Rank

b. Support Countries:
US, United States
TW, Taiwan

c. Target Audiences:
Sales: door-to-door, telephone
Marketing company
Local store owners

d. Keywords:
Geomarketing, Store Research, Marketing ROI measurement

3. Bug Report / Discussion
Please leave a comment below if there was an issue or anything you would like to discuss
IP 全球地理位置資料庫開發日誌2016-09-06

IP 全球地理位置資料庫開發日誌

話說從頭, 這是中文式流水帳。
開發的綠起是為了把 streetview.cc 的入口寫的完美一些,
所以在網路上找了些免費的 IP 資料庫來使用,
想利用 IP 來定位 Google Maps 的起始位置。

開始先找到的是 MaxMind 的 GeoLite2 (GeoIP2免費版),
接著就花了點時間把將近三百萬筆資料寫進 MySql 裡,
接著隨機性的測試一下, 還可以哇!!

稍稍研究之後, 原來似乎還沒有人把台灣的IP區段給補完, (人才都跑那去了?)
也許警政或調查機關有, 不過我沒有找到就是了~~
最接近的就是 IPIP.net 的創辦人高先生在今年初時自己的微博說:
「 嗯,就在刚才,已经把手里的台湾的IP 库地级市和区县库数据都搞定了,貌似这个是全球独一份吧?台湾本地公司都没有。。」

哇, 牛人說牛話了, 於是我花了點時間在 IPIP.net 上撈了一份 17monipdb 做再開發。

只是 17monipdb 可能是免費的關係, 數據上有些許錯誤,
所以我就花了點時間把 17monipdb的結果(中國) 整合到 GeoLite2 之中。

然而, 這並沒有解決陳有蘭溪的問題。

我又把念頭放到再來轉個資料庫看看, 查了查。決定就是你了!!
IP2LOCATION 上吧!! (其實真沒有幾家有開源的)
抓回來一看, 天啊!! 4百多萬筆資料啊!!
不過有了匯入 GeoIP2 的經驗, 不怕不怕。
花了些時間等待匯入資料庫後, 交叉比對目前這兩大開源的資料庫如下:

從上表可知, IP2LOCATION 對於IP表切得較細, 不過對於地理地址定位來說, GeoIP2 的比較齊全,
另外IP2LOCATION是只有一張資料表, 在執行上的效率較差, GeoIP2是兩張表格, 效率較好。
理想的作法應該是採用 GeoIP2 的資料結構, 補上 IP2LOCATION 的有效資料。

雖然這樣能解決陳有蘭溪的問題, 不過我得回頭做別的事了。

目前的作法是把IP2LOCATION列為參考資料, 待有空或是有想法時再將兩個資料庫整合再一起囉。
未來的開發的意向大概就是把兩個資料庫截長補短, 然後整合進一個台灣的IP區段, 為家鄉盡一份心力;
然後再加上 Google Maps 的定位去自動資料庫的校正和補充。就算大功告成啦~

現就以此文將此開發暫告一段落; 我得來繼續寫 streetview.cc 大數據!!



自從把 wordpress 關了之後, 留言功能就死掉了!!
wp_comments的資料庫放了很久, 一直沒有動力去使用它~ (笑)

不過這兩個月由於刻 streetview.cc 的關係,
php功力大大增進, 猶如一顆大補丸啊!!
於是就把留言的功能做起來, 時間還蠻恰好的, 正好關了將近一年的時間!

各位朋友! 麥大叔留言板再開!

功能應該會逐漸加回來, 目前通通預設驚聲尖叫當做小圖。 (我超愛這個表情的啦~)
streetview.cc Development Diary2016-03-15

streetview.cc Development Diary

Kind of a note to memorize something that I may forget in few days after....

Ver 2.1 Released:

StreetView: Display places with Google See-Inside features.
Coverage: Reveal areas which have been scanned by system.
SeeInside: SeeInside a place with the UI combines Google Maps(pegman) and its StreetView image on the same page.


Website Version
2016/10/07 - Ver 2.1 Released. all major function revised.

2016S2S3 - Development https://Place.Report website
2016/4/13 - Revise See-Inside judgement programming (v1.1)
2016/4/12 - Comment_Service implemented
2016/4/01 - Ver 1.3 Released. mysqli implemented
2016/3/25 - Ver 1.2 Released. New function: MapScan, Providing Linear and area two types scanning.
2016/3/22 - Website Automation Test Success!!
2016/3/17 - Improve processing efficiency by using curl instead of file_get_contents
2016/3/15 - Big-Data Place Report trial. (providing Place Ranks)
2016/3/12 - Ver 1.1 Released. New functions: Coverage, PlaceRank, SeeInside
2016/3/12 - Integrated g.ymc2.com, an URL Shorten API. a JSON application
2016/3/10 - Ver 1.0 released to DOMAIN: streetview.cc HOST: netfirms.com
Function: Home, OnePageReport, PlaceSearch, MapProcess
2016/3/01 Defined three modules, placeid, cid and cbk, to figure out if a store has the SEE-INSIDE feature or not.
2016/2/15 Start Coding .........A Google Maps Javascript V3 Journey....
Problems/Issues/Improvements Ideas 2.1:
1. CSS Layout for mobile device. TBH, i don't really care about this for sure.
2. Google API limitation. a Major concerns
3. Facebook Graph API

Update Place.DB (Automatic and Manual)
Define a mid-term relationship for Place.DB and Seeing.DB (maybe a Pano.DB)?
Useful Statistic Data
Replace mysql to my_sqli sentence
Rethink the function: judge_seeinside, judgement see-inside...
Implement google analytic
IP rule for certain function

Major Fixed:
1. How to process place results generated by Google Maps API (Async) to db?
-> 1) generate a click button within the async function.
-> 2) generate an auto-run php page.

2. How to curl the place results generated by Google Maps API (async) to a html.element?
-> 1) Curl does not work on async page. (empty element)
-> 2) Include the Google Maps API script on the parent page

3. Improve server efficiency:
-> A test reveals that curl is 50 percent faster than file_get_contents.
-> Replace file_get_contents with curl function.

4. Website automation test solution:
-> Tried Selenium webdriver, but was unable to figure out a way to make it work on wamp server.
-> Tried Selenium IDE, Works, however it had file size limits for processing codes(20KB?), and also there was no flow control (if-else) at the moment for testing purpose.
-> Turned out a solution which is to connect the server with localhost, and write php pages to the server via fopen(ftp), and then automatically run these pages to process results.

5. Encode the imgurl of all pano:
-> Applied JSON to communicate with g.ymc2.com (url shorten service)

6. fopen($ftp_path): failed to open stream at certain time ?
-> It seems like the hosting server issue (connection error or what?)
-> Use curl to do ftp method. (not sure if doing this is right, but it temporally works!)

7. The owner-response-rate (Google Reviews)
-> Find the recent 10 reviews and check to see if response from the owner exists
PHP MySQL DB 資料庫網站開發2016-02-18

最近忙著和Google Maps API奮鬥, 想寫一個跟街景有關的資料庫網站。(好痛苦啊! DOM完全不熟的說!)
不過今天突然心血來潮, 想回顧自己到底寫過幾組完整的PHP+MySQL網站,也一併回顧自己寫程式的來時路。

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